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Welcome to Bethel Montreal

Welcome to Bethel ministry of Montreal! The ministry with an attitude. A good one of course! Your attitude will determine your altitude, so if you want to fly like eagles, this is the ministry for you. Some of the wonderful attitudes you will find at Bethel ministry are:

Attitude of Welcome:
A genuine warmth and courtesy for every guest. We consider it our greatest honor for you to be our guest.

Attitude of Gratitude:
We are thankful for the blessing of God. All the blessings we enjoy come from HIS loving hand.

Attitude of Grace:
This is a ministry of grace. For of His fullness we have all received and grace upon grace (John 1:16). We are not a rigid, legalistic, and barren religion. We are lively stones, set free by the grace of God.

Attitude of Expectancy:
God is here. Great things will happen, your needs will be met. You will leave differently as the spirit of God flows through the service.

Attitude of Ministry:
We are here to serve. You are our greatest joy. To share with you, to listen to you, to believe with you. The heart of Bethel ministry is to serve. You will find people who delight in ministering to God and to you